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Perhaps it is time for the whole world to discover its true identity through its Shadow. Everyone is obligated to wear masks. In that sense nothing changed. Although this mask is Absence personified. Concealment is Apocalypse. Usually I go against the current, but now there’s no reason, it feels like home!

Through many closed Doors, the Gate is Open!


-Photography by Giolanda Chatzigianni


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As you can imagine, making our own tire is a dream come true and today we are so happy to present you the ZEPHYR.
Our design process started from a « blank page » with two questions : what tire would we like to ride considering the wide spectrum of preferences among the team, and what tire would contribute to BMX flatland in general as an « open » progressive tire created for any style of riding and any surface. A fast, modern tire with a slick feeling as you roll, yet foot friendly and without any real break-in time as no one likes to waste even just one session on adapting to a new tire. On top of that, even though we were aiming at high quality, it was essential for us to keep it affordable.
Needless to say, that didn’t sound easy at all. But it also felt like the most meaningful way to design this tire, so research was on…

The answer to that equation was found in a balanced combination of a hard compound slick and low profile with a multiple lines pattern for precise foot control. Floor contact feels direct and natural, easy to figure out. Same with foot contact, there is no surprise. The tire doesn’t feel like it’s interfering with what you want to do, instead you forget it’s there.
But enough of these big words. We love the ZEPHYR and hope you will too.

The ZEPHYR will first be available in 1.90’’ size, black, by the end of August, both in wire bead and kevlar versions, at a reasonable price we would ourselves be willing to pay…
1.75’’ will be next.

Have fun,
– Alexis

Average recommended price :
Wire bead € 28,00
Kevlar (Foldable) € 36,00
Weight :
Wire bead 527g
Kevlar 482g

Tire concept and design : Michaël Husser, Alexis Desolneux, Guillaume Jung
Graphic design : Michaël Husser
Video : Sevisual

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BIFACE is a raw experiment filmed in October 2019 around Narbonne (France).
Without carrying any particular meaning, the video came out like a primitive tool to shape a new form:
a choreographic video mostly composed with BMX riding language.

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“It’s a lot of hard work and thinking about how to manipulate physics.”


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