Name | Alexis DESOLNEUX

Date of birth | 14-08-1971

Hometown | Chelles, France

Riding since | 1983

5 riding spots | Spots in Chelles, Meriken Park Kobe (Japan), Okasaki Museum (Japan), Heldenplatz Vienna (Austria), the asphalt curling courts under the bridge in Linz (Austria) and LVR (Köln, Germany)

What got you into bmx | Around 1979, wanting “to ride motocross” with my little bicycle.

What made you stick to it |The Bois de Vincennes where I spent my youth (our spot was a piece of rough asphalt road next to small dirt jumps we built, it was a minute from home), later certainly the late 80’s wave of flatland rolling tricks and 1988’street riding, and the so called « death » of BMX soon after that, it was never dead because we were riding.

What will make you stick to it | The same formula as always… The constant re-creation of the original fun through playing with imagination and experimentation.

What should we know about your hometown and your local riding spot(s) | Chelles is a relaxed small town, great for kids, next to La Marne river in the eastern suburbs of Paris, with a variety of spots. A flatland friendly city with only one flatlander.

Riding alone or within a local scene | No BMX scene in Chelles but riding the Bry-sur-Marne concrete park which has a healthy scene mixing all generations. I need and enjoy isolation for flatland. Going to a few events a year is fun as well.

Name your main video parts | Heresy – You Are Your Path, Same Thing Daily, Flatcrap, Here comes the sun, Carhartt BMX (4 tricks video ad), Le Mal Est Fait (Twenty bikes), Flatsphere, Infinite Pieces, Baco 8, Clandé, As The Wheel Turns…

5 bands who could never leave your Ipod | Breach, Hoover (Washington DC), Entombed, Jawbox, Quicksand, Thou, Ulcerate and Hooded Menace. That’s 8 yes.

Favourite local food specialty | Bread.

Travelling destinations | Japan, Vienna, Cologne, Hungary etc.

Other interests | Music, cooking, skateboarding…






Pics by Mathieu Dellabe, Stéphane Bar & Sevisual