petebmx_edfeehan_lowres-3378Name | Peter OLSEN

Date of birth | 01-04-1987

Hometown | Saskatoon, Canada

Riding since | 2001

5 riding spots | EX, Rotary Park, Toulouse Courts, Blue River Hockey Rink, Meriken Park

What got you into BMX | XGames 97-98 on TV – Andrew Faris was from my city 

What made you stick to it | Learning the basics and getting sucked into the rush of learning new things

What will make you stick to it | Learning new tricks and friends

What should we know about your hometown and your local riding spot(s) | Not much, it’s a good city but we need some good new spots!

Riding alone or within a local scene | Used to be more of a scene but now mostly alone!

Name your main video parts |

5 bands who could never leave your Ipod | Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, Thundercat, Aphex Twin, DJ Smokey (that’s just been whats in heavy rotation lately, it’s always changing)

Favourite local food specialty |

Travelling destinations | Kauai, Japan, France, New Zealand, Iceland

Other interests | 




Pics by Owen Woytowich