Name | Aude CASSAGNE

Date of birth | 03-10-1990

Hometown | Bordeaux a few more months… then La Caserne in Villemur sur Tarn !

Riding since | Wow… I was 12 and a half years old when I started, and rode non-stop until I was 18-19, then rode on and off… Until this past May when I fully got back into it !

5 riding spots | my basketball court near Bordeaux, Darwin, Maxou’s spot near the police station, les amidonniers in Toulouse, the roofed multi-sport court in Idron near the family house, a must go!

What got you into BMX | When I joined Maxime at the FISE many years ago… And to join him for sessions too.

What made you stick to it | Haha so when I stick to it… It’s because for the sensation of the tricks when we are on the bike, the work to make it, being in your own « bubble » for practice which helps reaching all the small progresses, be it learning a new trick or just staying a bit longer in a position, to come closer to a harder link… And the addiction to all of this !

What will make you stick to it | Lo find the time or have enough time to do it and be able to « cultivate » this addiction ! Work in progress…héhéhé

What should we know about your hometown and your local riding spot(s) | It’s pretty easy to go to Bordeaux from all parts of France (and for our spanish friends !), my spot (a basketball court) is a bit away from the city, so statistically less crowded, with some good asphalt, perfect for a solo session ! Darwin, smooth spot, absolutely flat, very fast and on top of that, indoor with lights! Very friendly local riders !

Riding alone or within a local scene | The essence of my motivation is solo riding, in my « bubble », but the monday’s sessions (which is when Darwin is available) to ride and share with our friends with the buddies of the local scene. It ’s good balance for me.

Name your main video parts | the latest (actually the first) for Heresy !

5 bands who could never leave your Ipod | Rone, Desire, Band of Horses, Woodkid, the xxRone

Favourite local food specialty | I must say the “soupe au potimarron » with an egg and cheese crêpe on the side (not exactly local but definitely a favorite).

Travelling destinations | Greece, Italy and Spain (we go to Madrid at the end of April with Max !), further : Canada/Québec, closer : Corse, Provence, le plateau de Millevaches, la Dordogne, les Pyrénées…

Other interests | Trekking or just to explore and do tourism (in France particularly), cooking/eating, reading/movies/series, badminton, and with more extra time : vegetable garden, learning foreign languages, and I’d love to learn how to fix old furniture too !


Pics by Maxime Cassagne