Name  | Sebastian “Wastl” GRUBINGER

Date of birth  | 24-06-1983

Hometown  | I grew up in St Florian and now I’m living in Vienna, Austria.

Riding since | The age of 17.

5 riding spots  | Heldenplatz Vienna, my home spot in St.Florian, the bridge spot in Linz, spots next to water, whatever it should be flat.

What got you into BMX  | There was a Jam in Linz and my friends and me went there to hang out and I saw BMX and knew I want to do it !

What made you stick to it  | The fun that I have when I’m on my bike, this little something that makes me feel relaxed and happy when I ride. The infinite possibilities with it. For sure good friends also made me stick on it. I guess it’s the whole thing called “BMX”.

What will make you stick to it  | Probably the same things that made me stick on it until now. And I’m sure other, new things will happen that make me ride on too ! And the love for it !

What should we know about your hometown and your local riding spot(s) | Since almost 12 years my hometown is Vienna. Before I was living in St Florian which is a small town in the middle of Austria. In Vienna I usually ride at Heldenplatz, in the center of the city. In winter I ride in a shitty parking garage.

Riding alone or within a local scene  | The scene is weak here at the moment, so I mostly ride alone. A few times a week I ride with Markus Redlberger, Erik Faustmann and also some other riders come by from time to time ! Both is cool – riding alone and riding with others !

Name your main video parts  | Twenty – The Damage is Done, Samethingdaily 2, Heresy – The 5th of September, Viennese Reveries, Heresy – Beneath,  Samethingdaily 3, Ease.

5 bands who could never leave your Ipod  | I always have trouble synchronizing my ipod, so all bands leave from time to time and sometimes come back again. At the moment I mainly listen to hip hop.

Favourite local food specialty  | Damn, that’s SCHNITZL – what else!!!

Travelling destinations  | Well, I love to travel everywhere !

Other interests  | I love to chill with my girl, play golf with my parents, do some sports and party with my brother and friends, watch football, whatever is fun !



Pics by Mathieu Dellabe, Stéphane Bar & Sevisual