hy profile pic fusion grayscaleName | George MANOS

Date of birth | 22-09-1986

Hometown | Ioannina, Greece

Riding since | 2000

5 riding spots | My hometown spot by the lake, indoor secret spot (slippery), O.A.K.A, Vienna

Hero Square, Southbank-London.

What got you into bmx | Lots of things…

What made you stick to it | It made me feel better !

What will make you stick to it | Good circumstances and self-belief.

What should we know about your hometown and your local riding spot(s) | They are both simple, beautiful and suit me well !

Riding alone or within a local scene | Both, but I enjoy riding alone when I’m trying new stuff, I feel like I’m in another dimension !

Name your main video parts | Thundering Silence, Ars Nocturna, Heresy/George Manos in London. The Humbling, A Glimpse of Madness, Repentance, Shadoworld, Lotek – Lake island, Shadowgate, Dayrkness.

5 bands who could never leave your Ipod | Clint Mansell, Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Dark Tranquility, 30 seconds to Mars (guilty pleasure).

Favourite local food specialty | Spaghetti with chopped meat.

Travelling destinations | Everywhere I got the chance to go so far !

Other interests | Philosophy, art, , laughing with friends…


Pics by Mathieu Dellabe, Stéphane Bar & András Péntek