Name| Michaël HUSSER

Date of birth | 23 02 1983

Hometown| Horbourg-Wihr (Alsace)

Riding since| Summer 1999

5 riding spots |

– the basket court in Nouméa (New Caledonia)

– the park in Colmar (France)

– Ikea carpark in Melbourne (Australia)

– Sebastian’s spot (Austria)

and my very first one just because everything started there, the postoffice alley of my hometown Horbourg-Wihr (France)

What got you into bmx| Maybe just the BMX itself as a tool of expression.

What made you stick to it| All this personal and mental aspect of the accomplishment of a long work.

What will make you stick to it| I just love the state of mind the riding drives me in.

What should we know about your hometown and your local riding spot(s)| Since i travel I can’t talk about a hometown spot I’m still riding, I have to adapt to a new one each time I move. In New-Caledonia I ride my double basket court, it’s a nice, open and quiet place, but in summer it becomes really hot and windy!

Riding alone or within a local scene| Alone.

Name your main video parts| I actually never had a DVD part, but love doing every year a nice web video edit : AWAY, Dawn to dusk, Insomnia.

5 bands who could never leave your Ipod| I don’t have any God Mac music player… It’s too hard to choose but it’s been a while that THIS WILL DESTROY YOU hasn’t been erased from my lovely and friendly mp3 player.

Favourite local food specialty| Too many delights in this world to have a favourite one! But here I love buying fresh tuna and making sashimi, so easy, quick and tasty!

Travelling destinations| Australia, South East Asia, New-Caledonia, New-Zealand, Japan and around Europe. Even though I consider much more New-Caledonia as a leaving place than a travelling destination.

Other interests| This one sounds like the end of a Resume (CV), you know, the one nobody cares about ; ) But art, rock climbing, enjoying the lagoon here, and much more…





Pics by Mathieu Dellabe & Fred Payet