The original AscenD 19’’ frame design is the foundation design of our new complete line of AscenD frames. A classic flatland size for a frame combining maximum functionality and aesthetics, a frame that gives both space and a beautiful line to the bike. We also tried to find the best compromise between durability and weight. Every rider on the team has his own way to ride, progress and explore new motion territories but all of them share one thing : the need for momentum and they don’t want a frame that is too light—and most of the times too weak.

We’ve been riding the AscenD 19’’ since its creation, 4 years ago : 4 great years of progression and fun on our bikes. The goal was to make a frame inspired by the riding we wanted to learn—not the trends of the market, hoping to make this frame a classic design that would stand the test of time. More and more riders of all ages and riding styles take notice and are expecting more size options of AscenD frames to match their needs.

18’’ (kids, flatland) (not pictured)
18,5’’ (flatland) (not pictured)
19’’ (flatland)
19,5’’ (flatland)
20’’ (flatland, street)
20,5’’ (flatland, street)

Far from being just a suite of different sizes of the same frame, these 6 AscenD frames have been created as 3 pairs :
The 18’’ and 18,5’’ are shorter versions of the original 19’’ with the right adjusted proportions both on the front and back triangles for a well-balanced frame fitting kids or small riders.
— The 19,5’’ is paired with the 19’’, only different in design by the length of its front triangle.
— Finally the 20’’ and 20,5’’ are « natural » evolutions of the 19’’ as well : we had been dreaming of these frames as the combination of classic elements (BB height, standover) meeting the progressive AscenD design. The result is two longer but responsive frames with a unique design, crossing over the blurred lines of two worlds who have never shared so much riding than in recent years : Flatland and Street. 



The AscenD 20’’ and 20,5’’ are a special evolution of the AscenD design. Again we’ve dreamt about these frames to realize. The goal was double : to develop two longer flatland frames without losing quickness and to enable flatlanders to ride street/skatepark too, all with the same bike. We hear all the time about how much flatland has infiltrated street in recent years but what if these AscenD frames let flatlanders bring even more to the table ? Or simply let them have more fun by opening up new terrains to their riding. We were not interested in making another street frame you can ride « some » flatland with or another double diamond flat frame too short for street. The AscenD 20,5’’ makes the rider feel like he’s riding with the quickness, control and functionality of his flatland bike, except his flat bike is now long and strong enough to ride the street, the plaza and the deep end bowl ! Flatland frames you can ride street with. More riding ideas, more freedom.

All frames japanese 4130 CrMo. Head tube, spanish BB and 14mm drop-outs heat-treated. Engraved Heresy logo on HT. Integrated seatpost clamp.
18’’ (11-15 kids/short riders, flatland) : 
18’’ / 12,5’’-13,1’’ / 75° / 71° / BB 12,55’’ / tire clearance 1,75’’
18,5’’ (flatland) :
18,5’’ / 12,5’’-13,1’’ / 75° / 71° / BB 12,55’’ / tire clearance 1,75’’
19’’ (flatland) :
19’’ / 12,7’’-13,3’’ / 75° / 71° / BB 12,55’’ / tire clearance 1,95’’ / 1,96kg paint
19,5’’ (flatland) :
19,5’’ / 12,7’’-13,3’’ / 75° / 71° / BB 12,55’’ / tire clearance 1,95’’ 1,955kg coated raw
20’’ (flatland/street) :
20’’ / 13’’- 13,6’’ / 75° / 70° / BB 11,8’’ / tire clearance 2,10’’ / drop-outs 5mm thick / 1,98kg paint
20,5’’ (flatland/street) :
20,5’’ / 13’’- 13,6’’ / 75,5° / 70° / BB 11,8’’ / tire clearance 2,20’’ / drop-outs 5mm thick / 2,05kg paint

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Pics by Vincent Coupeaux