TOP TUBE | 19”
CHAIN STAY | 12.6” – 13”
BB HEIGHT | 12.55”

1,92 KG






The HERESY AscenD 19″

It was a long wait but the frame was put to heavy testing. When I designed the AscenD I had some riding in mind and I really wanted the frame to serve these ideas. When I drew the Neko for my first project L’essence around 2000, I was riding flatland and street and dreaming of one frame to do both. In a time where it was all about bent and crossed tubes super short frames, I had to go for a double diamond frame with a 19,6″ top tube and back then my french flat buddies were joking about the Neko being a “street frame” and calling me “the streetrider”. 2000…Talk about bad timing ha, ha ! While such a frame was fantastic when I was travelling and for some flatland influenced street riding, when I stopped riding street in 2003 and as my flat riding was heading to more mobility in general, I started to reconsider the flatland functionality of such a frame. The Twenty Celeste came out of that. But again, the evolution of my riding, as well as the evolution of my friends’riding, kept shaking things.

Now it’s 2014, I’m riding a 19″ frame with a bent top tube, what’s wrong with me ? Ha, ha !… Well, the AscenD is just the frame I’ve needed these past 2-3 years and still need today to keep growing my mobility on the bike in the directions I like and make it all fun. It’s purely inspired by riding and particularly the riding I’d love to realize. There’s one important feature on this frame that people might argue about, it’s the lowered top tube. Nothing new, some will find it necessary, some won’t, I do find it very functional when your riding is made of moving around and over the bike in sometimes dangerous positions (like crossfooted), links and execution (with speed). Certainly not “a gimmick”, I tried to find a way to achieve that while avoiding the things I didn’t like (a very sloping straight top tube or a super short head tube). I searched for a nice coherent line, one that would combine classic and modern elements. just wanting enough functionality and see if it could look good. I liked what came out of the drawing even if it was a bit funny to accept just when the rest of the world “was going straight tubes”. But I trusted what the riding was telling me, I needed that frame just like I needed a good tool or a good instrument and I can tell you that I had some of my most enjoyable riding moments ever on the AscenD in these past 3 years, playing with unexperienced techniques for me and making some “dream riding” happen. I’m so excited for the remaining journey I’ll have riding it and on behalf of my Heresy buddies…I hope you’ll like that frame as much as we do !

Enjoy your session !

Alexis D.


Pics by Stéphane Bar