“Michaël Husser lives in New Caledonia. He’s originally from a small town near Colmar in Alsace which is France’s far east.
Michaël came back home for a couple months this winter. His schedule was tight but we managed to meet up over a freezing weekend of december in beautiful Strasbourg. George and Sebastian flew in Paris from Greece and Austria, right into a snowstorm warning over the east of France.
After lots of hours driving exactly through the snowstorm, we luckily made it to Strasbourg where we met up with Mathieu Dellabe, a friend of Michaël who kindly filmed and edited this thing for us.

We spent two days outside in minus zero temperatures trying to ride, probably spending more time trying to be warmed up than actually riding but that’s ok…Honestly it was painfully cold, but sometimes, when friends live far away from each others, a rare chance to meet up will guarantee a good time and will make them ignore the weather…Bretzels and hot wine !!

Much thanks to Mathieu Dellabe for braving the cold with us, Manu Stemper and Athenais Graff for their kind hospitality, Guillaume Jung and Matthieu Bejean.

Special thanks to Matt Coplon at PROFILE RACING for his devoted support to HERESY.”

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