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We’ve known Michael for years, together it’s possible to have conversations both about riding bikes and Sunn O))) or Neurosis, so as he got more and more into producing music these past years, the idea came naturally to us to collaborate on some videos original soundtracks. The idea was to take our influences and create music that would go past these influences and fit Heresy like a glove. It probably sounds like a too ambitious idea but at least we had to try. M. BLAKE came on board with his own vision too, both worlds met and in the end the gates were open…  AD

Ever since I know you, music always seemed to be a big part of your life and somehow I always heard that you were making music when not riding your bike… Can you tell us about your musical background ?

I grew up listening to a lot of different music genres and I was in an artschool where I also experimented with different sound sources. I learnt playing drums for a couple of years but actually I felt more like composing and making electronic music on my own. 

My friend Nikos had a PC computer with enough power to actually make music on it which was a big thing back in 94. He showed me a couple of basics. Motivated from that, I started saving up some money for music gear. An Mpc2000 and a Korg Prophecy synth formed my first setup.

A few years ago, you decided to put way more time into making music, how did this come about ?

It was a natural thing. When I stopped riding Flatland at events, I set my priorities towards music because my interest in music production increased over the last years. I recognized that producing music is a complex artform and I have to learn a lot of production and audio engineering techniques to be able to produce the sound quality I wanted. That takes time.

You made the soundtrack of our video “The Fifth of September” in the fall of 2013 and you just finished a track for our last video (BENEATH), musically what is special to you into making these tracks compared to what you’re more used to produce? Or may be you’ve always composed in this style but we didn’t get to hear it until now?

Making the tracks for Heresy was very refreshing. I always enjoyed producing dark music but usually most of those tracks never left the studio. 

For Heresy I had to deal with heavy guitars and how to get a certain guitar sound. Alexis told me a couple of bands where he likes the guitar sound/tone and I went from there. I learnt a lot working on the Heresy tracks and I was happy I had a good reason to make something dark and heavy.

Any chance to see you produce more of this heaviness and record an album someday?

After I finished the second track Black Magic for Heresy I was very into it so I worked on some tracks that could form the base for an album. It would be great to release it someday!

Where can people hear your work?

A few of my tracks are on my soundcloud (soundcloud.com/sonnyblake

I will have an EP out in december on Tiefparterre Records with 6 tracks and 2 remixes, so check my facebook artist profile (facebook.com/sonnyblakemusic) or my soundcloud for updates!

Thank you Michael.

Click HERE, to check out Michael’s latest work for HY – BENEATH.

Also watch Sonny Blake’s “THE WHITEROOM PROJECT” here.

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