This is a very boring thing for us to do and for you all to read about but we can’t stay silent and we need to make some facts clear.

Recently, someone unfortunately had an issue when building an AscenD 19’’ frame. The man, complaining his back wheel didnt stay in place, was quick to consider the frame defective but didn’t want to send it back for inspection. After performing great skills of blackmail and personal attacks, he found appropriate to make things public in attempt to ruin our work, by spreading inaccurate info/wrong measurements of the frame and AscenD frames in general on social media, before we could check the frame ourselves.

Last week, we finally got it back so we could measure it and test it : we put the bike together, had a good 2 hours session and the back wheel didn’t move once.

1/ The drop outs slots are 10mm with <0,5mm tolerance — Not « 11 or 12mm ».

2/ The hub spacing is 110mm with 0,5mm tolerance — Not « 114mm ».

Judging from this person’s assertions and until we got the frame back, we figured the factory possibly made the hub spacing 112 or 113 on that particular frame, but they definitely did not.

Final word : normal drop outs & hub spacing measurements, the frame is not defective.

We did find a 2,5mm difference between the left and right seat stays weldings on the top tube. Seen from above, it makes the frame’s aesthetics slightly imperfect (we already made sure the maker does a better job on all future frames) but it has no impact on the rear end dimensions/geometry and the back end is not « faulty » or « twisted » as it’s also been said.

* * *

To the riders out there, thanks to everyone for the great feedback on AscenD frames.

Have a good session !


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