10 years of H E R E S Y, 10 years of AscenD frame

Inspired by the riding we loved and the riding we dreamt to realize, it had to be functional with a lot of clearance but also a beautiful line. The frame we needed didn’t exist yet. It was about finding the right shape to reach this double goal. Although simplicity was key, we really wanted to establish a unique shape once for all. The first AscenD 19’’ prototypes arrived over the summer of 2010.

The AscenD frame history stretches over 4 generations of frames with 7 sizes, from super short flat 18’’, 18.5’’ (coming back updated in Spring 2021) to classic flat 19’’, 19.5’’ and our hybrids (flat and street) 20’’, 20.5’’. The last frame we welcomed in the range in 2019 was the X which is our crossover 19.5’’ flat frame mixing both designs. And for our taller friends on flat or street riders looking for a flat influenced street frame, a limited series of 20.75’’ will be out in 2021.

It’s been amazing to grow and improve this AscenD range over the past 10 years. We believed strongly in this design in 2010, we still do more than ever. The frame originates from a unique vision and it is our tool of choice to experience as much freedom as possible, be it on flat ground or taking more flat skills to the streets.

We want to thank everyone who ever rode one an AscenD, watched one of our videos, supported us even just with a nice word, from all the riders to our distributors and shops around the world, to our photo/video/music contributors and our special supporters in Chelles, France. Last but not least thank you Michaël Husser, Sebastian Grubinger, George Manos, Matthieu Bonnécuelle, Peter Olsen, Tom @sevisual , Peter in Taiwan and Guillaume Jung for sticking around for more adventures! None of this would be possible without all of you.

To 10 more years!



Photos: Stéphane Bar, Loopingweb, AD 

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